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Not Much New This Time

Frankly, there's just not a lot of new to talk about. You really have to be present in the classes to understand everything that's going on. We just went through the medical and "I'M SAFE" acronym stuff. We also covered the oxygen deprivation issues (hypoxia). This occurs when you're at certain altitudes, on certain medications, etc.

Just before that, we covered the weight and balance of a plane very thoroughly. I feel comfortable with it. It's not overly complicated. Math is involved, but nothing very complex.

We've got weather stuff coming up, and that, from what I understand, is going to be the real challenges. There's a great deal of weather stuff to cover. That's coming up, but hopefully, it won't be extremely difficult.

The biggest issue/concerns I'm having right now are memorizing the airspace limits as far as visibility, above clouds, below clouds, etc. for the the different airspaces. Some of it really seems conflicting. I nee…

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