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Final Knowledge Test

I Passed! Well, I did much better than I feared I would. I got a 90 on the official knowledge test. I didn't get a lot of time to really explain how this whole process worked and what all it took to get here, but I'm going to write a blog post summing up all of the information I needed to know, what I used to study, etc. in another blog post.
In this one, I'm just going to explain what the test was like, and why my next steps are going to be.
Before Arriving Before you can take the test, you have to have an endorsement from your instructor stating he believes you can pass the test and that you've been trained and are ready for it. I got that endorsement after I got the 97 on his test this past week directly in my logbook.
Arrival I had to take the logbook and a testing fee of $150 ($140 if you're a member of AOPA which is a pilot association - which I will be joining eventually). After that, they take the security pretty seriously. You are given a book with graphs…

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