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About to Fly!!!

It's about to happen. Financially, everything is ironed out. I'm ready to go. I've texted the CFI (flight instructor) to setup a schedule to begin flying soon. So, it's about to happen. It really is. I can't believe it's becoming a reality.

First, am I scared? Yes. But, do I feel unprepared? Also yes. :) I'm sure much of what I learned will flood back to me, but if I were to sit down in a plane and asked if I could fly, I would look the person next to me dead in the eyes, look confident when I say, "Oh, absolutely," and never figure out how to even start the plane. So, in all likelihood, that's what we'll start with, I'm sure.

Now that the financial side is resolved (I believe so, anyway), what are my barriers? Fear is definitely one. I'm scared of heights, but flying is different from when I've been up. Maybe me being in control of the plane will make it even better. I think a lot of my fear stemmed from someone else being in…

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